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An event created a new species of plant who covered 99% of the planet, suffocating most food source, leaving the humans weak and vulnerable. This changed environment lead to the spread of unknown man-eating creatures nicknamed "shades". Their gluttony led to the human extinction and, ironically, their own.

You play as one of the 2 last humans alive, running and jumping around in this hostile world looking for food and building a relationship with your friend.

*Le jeu est complètement jouable en français. La langue peut être changé dans le menu d'options.

This game was made in 7 days for the Xanderjam6 with the theme: "Survival of the fittest" and ranked 4th.

1st place in "SFX/Music", mostly thanks to the music made by Steven Melin

I had the honor of being the "judge pick" for both the judges of the jam :D

I made a devlog talking about how I came up with the idea and the story of the game and how it was made:

The game can be played on keyboard or game controller.

Post jam fixes 1.01:

- feature to stick on the edge of ledges during the jump anticipation, to avoid the frustration of pressing the jump and falling before the jump would actually trigger and die.
- Added a lot of checkpoints to make the game easier and to avoid looking at the same cutscene twice.
- Reworked the tutorial.
- keep sprint state and movement input in the sprint jump anticipation to avoid awkward "half jumps" if the player would release the sprint or the movement input during the anticipation animation.
- Moved the input hint under the switches instead of over them, so they are more visible and wont get hidden by speech bubbles.
- Slightly reworked the first fruit gathering level
- Added an animation on fruit plants when the fruit is picked up.
- Added a neutral jump fall animation
- Added a transition screen on respawn
- Considerably reduced the game size.
- Added a button in the pause menu to go back to the main menu
- Stop chatting on death

- Allow to ledge grab backward in a neutral jump

- Language option: fully playable in English and French
- AZERTY keyboard support
- tweaked menus


Fast.zip 99 MB

Install instructions

1. Unzip
2. run Fast.exe

The game requires the DirectX 10 redist, which is kind of standard for Windows games so most people should have it. If you have an error saying something about "DX10" you should download the DirectX 10 redist.


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I enjoyed the game itself, and the story. The twist is very ******** no spoiling. But I do have a story in mind that maybe you can implement. I'm going to link it after I'm done, but hopefully, you will agree to this collaboration.


Thank you for playing ! ^^


Can you play this game I made rocky Square One by Mr.Nobody3675 (itch.io)? Your game,  Fast is very simple but very nice! I ALSO FRICKIN LIKE AUTOCORRECTED, Can you make more levels?


Hey I'll try your game :)
I'm glad you are enjoying my games ^^
I could make some more content for Auto-Corrected yeah. Right now I'm focusing on trying stuff and practicing to be ready for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.2 in 2 weeks, so unless something goes bad, it should spawn a new game XD

Well, good luck studying! Thanks for playing my game Rocky!


I really enjoyed this. I thought the running and jumping animations were great, reminded me of Another World. The whole aesthetic was very pleasing and the story got me in the feels at the end. Beautiful.

Thank you for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Another World was indeed one of the influence for this game ^^


Amazing game. I came back to finally see how the story ends, and wow it was good. I'm not going to get into specifics in case another person reads this and get's spoiled, but I will say that the ending made me want to go back and try to get a different ending, which having tried kinda broke the game a bit. But this game is spectacular, I'm glad you updated it.

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Thanks a lot ! I really wanted to go back to fix the problems with the jump and the difficulty to allow players to experience the story. I'm glad you had the patience to try the game again 😅

Alternate endings would've been nice, but, you know, gamejam's limited time haha

Thank you for your kind words and thank you for playing 🙏

Do you have a Discord?

You can poke me on my twitter: https://twitter.com/RockyMullet


Really awesome work, as always! Communicated so much through such simplistic visuals and a short time frame. These two characters really feel like friends making it through a dire situation. I'm sure you've been getting a lot of feedback about the movement already and I don't know I have any more specific feedback, but I will say that in the moments that I did get a hang of the jump/timing (and I think this was mostly in the races), it felt really fluid and like I was vaulting across buildings! Despite the difficulty, still a very great experience overall :)

Thanks a lot for trying the game ! :D

The jam rating ends tonight and I already have an update in my back pocket that I will upload as soon as rating is over. Mostly some hand holding mechanic for the jump and controls and some checkpoints so the difficulty is not as punishing.

Thank you for playing !