A downloadable game for Windows

The main character is always on edge and the only way to calm him down is the comfort of "Fluffy" his bunny friend and their carrots.

A run n gun a la Contra where you chase a Boss through multiple stages.

My submission to the Vimjam2,
I finished 3rd out of 416 submissions and #2 for fun and design :D

I made a devlog video about my process:

Vimlark talking about the game (3:58):

Using music made by Steven Melin
Allowing me to finish #4 in "Music/Sound" go check their stuff, it's great.


- Fixed the random crash on level load and removed the disclaimer.
- Added W, D-Pad Up & Left Stick Up as alternate jump inputs
- Improved gamepad controls
- Fixed "damage saws" that were often behind the foggy background making them hard to see, leading to some frustrating hits
- Added transition screens for level transitions and death respawn
- Added a master volume option and made the default value quieter
- Added a tutorial box to explain the "jump through platform"
- Added input buffering for the jump
- Made carrots bounce off "damage saws" so the player don't get hit when trying to heal
- Auto scrolling parallax background in Level 2 so it looks like the train is moving
- Bug fix: getting pushed off a platform by the auto scrolling camera would make you float in the air
- Bug fix: the first chase would not trigger if the player stand close to the left wall until they go forward
- Bug fix: jumping right when bouncing on a jump pad would throw you in a "super jump" very high and outside the camera view
- Bug fix: "damage saws" could block the player's projectile
- Bug fix: there was a delay of one frame between the lower body and upper body turning around, leading to an ugly frame, specially visible with arms crossed
- Fixed platform tiles on Level 2 & 4 that were not using the edge tile on the edges
- Fixed some text errors

- Added a shoot visual effect
- Added an easy difficulty

- Changed the fixed 60 FPS to a clamped to Max 60 FPS, so lower end computers don't have a "slow motion" when they can't reach 60 FPS and it still helps streamers to not have Unreal taking over their computer.


TuffFluff.rar 77 MB
TuffFluff.zip 97 MB

Install instructions

There is no difference between the .rar and .zip, just different formats for what's more convenient for you.

1. Extract the .rar or .zip
2. Run TuffFluff.exe

The game requires the DirectX 10 redist, which is kind of standard for Windows games so most people should have it. If you have an error saying something about "DX10" you should download the DirectX 10 redist.


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Cute game, lots of fun! Great artwork too.

Thank you ! 🙏

in the final level there is a laser that i tried every way to dodge but it is impossibole

Oh really ? Are you talking about the laser chasing you in the first platforming section ? Or was it during the boss fight ?

the one in the platforming section. my character cant move fast enough and he is stuck in the laser


The game is good but Why arrow key to shoot? why don't you use arrow to angle and shoot

(1 edit)

My initial idea was to have the player aim with the arrows and then press another button to shoot, but since there was just no reason to aim without shooting, I though of simplifying the inputs by just making the character shoot whenever they aim.


So cool about this game! I can even use a controller!

Hey thanks for playing !
When it makes sense I like to add controller support ^^


Your game made my list! https://youtu.be/jpLiF707O0Q

Awesome !!! :D
Thank you ! ^^


yeah, great graphics and sound effects. 

Thank you for playing ^^


Really fun


I'm glad you liked it ^^

Thank you for playing ! :D