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This is an artpack derived from the art I made for my game Tuff Fluff which ranked 3rd out of 412 entries in Vimjam2.

Perfect to make a run-n-gun side scroller or a platformer.

The artpack was made using the Endesga 36 color palette


- "Gunner" character with an idle, walk, jump, fall, crouch and hurt animation.

- Flying squid/ghost like enemy with an idle, shoot and death animation with 5 color variations.
- Ground tileset with all 8 directions, 45 degree slopes, corners, metal platforms with connections to the ground.

- 7 layers of parallax background with 2 color variations, light and dark (the gif on the right is the light version, the banner is the dark one) with a complete version if you guys just want a background without the parallax.

- Collectibles: gold coins and red coins with an idle animation, hearth collectible with an idle animation, a golden key.

- Objects: Spikes, jump pad with a bounce animation, a wrapped gift with an idle and death animation.

- FX: A shot FX for the gunner, a small projectile and 2 large projectiles for the gunner, a flashing projectile for the enemies with a looping animation and a projectile impact animation.

- UI: a full and empty hearth container.

All animations come with a gif preview to visualize the animation.


It would be much appreciated if you would credit me as RockyMullet, you can use it in any project as long as you don't directly sell my art.

If you create something with the pack, please share a link in the comments. I'm curious to see what cool games people do with it and I'll definitely try them all :D

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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the ground tile was used by this https://gamejolt.com/games/SamGamejolt/744742

Thanks a lot for sharing your game made with the pack !! 🙏

you're welcome


kinda like Gunner Runner

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Oh, didnt know about that game. It's actually recycled art from my gamejam game "Tuff Fluff", just slightly more generic so it can be used in more contexts. Since I don't plan to reuse it for another game, might as well share it ^^


First comment! I made this jam game https://mrtubagames.itch.io/smelly-jellies
with the art pack!

Great ! Cool game !